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FAQs Renaissance Academy

Q1 . When did the concept for building a Renaissance Academy first occur?

A.  The establishment of the Renaissance Academy is the number one priority on the Board of Education’s 2020-2030 Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan in order to provide space and innovative career training opportunities for students.     

Q2. Who can attend the Renaissance Academy?

A.  All Monongalia County Schools’ high school students will have the opportunity to attend the Renaissance Academy if they are interested in pursuing STEM and/or CTE pathways offered.   

Q3. Will Renaissance Academy students continue to be a part of their home high schools?

A.  Yes.  Students will be transported to the Renaissance Academy on alternating days, depending on their courses.  The proposed schedule will be much like the current MTEC schedule.  

Q4.  How will Renaissance Academy be different than the current MTEC?

A.  RA is a STEM/CTE focused training center.  The facility will provide a non-traditional learning space for students to train for real-world employment and higher level educational opportunities.    

 Q5.  How will the course offerings be decided?

A.  The Renaissance Academy curricula aims to be industry & technology driven, as well as, student driven.  Due to the rapid rate students can now access information & adapt to new technologies, they are excited for engagement opportunities with practical applications in learning inside real-world environments.

Industries are currently partnering with our STEM & CTE programs to provide mentorships, apprenticeships, some paid internships, employment opportunities and opportunities for stacked credentialing. These opportunities will only increase with demand and added space.  Examples include:  Paid Internships at local companies currently partnering with MTEC programs.  Students have opportunities to commit to their companies on Spring Signing Day, or choose to advance to higher educational pursuits upon graduation.  

Higher education institutions are currently partnering to provide opportunities for stacked credentialing, employment opportunities and dual enrollment. These opportunities will only increase with demand and added space.  Example:  Students in the MCS’ MedEd program will receive paid medical training at WVU Medicine during the school day, preparing them to continue in the workforce or advance in higher education.  

Q6. Who will teach at Renaissance Academy?

A.   New styles of learning and teaching – STEM/CTE learning at Renaissance Academy will be facilitated project and collaboration-based learning provided by current teachers.  Industry and higher ed partners will assist in training opportunities onsite and off campus.    

 Q7.  What will happen to the current MTEC facility?

A.  MTEC will become a STEM/CTE campus for Middle School students to engage in career exploration and discovery, which could lead to advanced coursework at Renaissance Academy.

Q8.  Where will the Renaissance Academy be built?

A.  The Renaissance Academy site is centrally located in Cassville on Blue Horizon Drive, approximately 3 miles from the intersection of Rt. 7 and Rt. 19.  (University Town Center area)     

Q9. When will Renaissance Academy open?  

A.  After approval of the bond referendum for proposed funding, the Renaissance Academy is projected to open for the 2027-28 school year.

Q9. Does West Virginia have a school like Renaissance Academy?

A.  No.  Monongalia County will be the first in the state to build a school exclusive to STEM/CTE to support industry and student demand for a real-world educational environment.  Many schools similar to Renaissance Academy have been built throughout the nation.   

Q9. What is the difference between a  bond  and a levy?

A school bond election is a bond issue used by a public school district, typically to finance a building project or other capital project. These measures are placed on the ballot by district school boards.  

Essentially, levies are for learning support and staff salaries in most cases.  Levies fund the day-to-day learning operations of a school district, teaching/learning materials, summer programming, athletics, classroom supports and technology tools and services.  In Monongalia County, the school levy is renewed every 4 years.  

Bond and levy funds cannot be mixed. 

More information:

  • Follow the Renaissance Academy project by checking this website frequently. 
  • Check out the architect’s Conceptual Fly-through on the district website or YouTube Channel
  • The bond referendum for the Renaissance Academy project will be on the May 14, 2024 election ballot
  • Bond estimates by assessed value are provided on the district website under Bond Information