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Panorama Surveys

Monongalia County Schools utilizes the Panorama student SEL survey to gather feedback and data related to our students' well-being and social-emotional learning (SEL). This helps to inform our approach and supports at the student, school, and district level.

For the 2023-24 school year, we will administer the survey to students in grades 3-12 across the district on the following dates:    Note:  All dates are subject to change.  Survey results will be posted below. 

September 25 - October 6 

April 3 - April 12 

Students in grade 3-12 will complete the ~20-minute online survey at school during a designated time. They will answer questions related to their life skills in areas of emotion regulation, self-management, relationships and valuing of school.

If you would like to preview the surveys click on the links below. For students in grades K-2, the classroom teacher will complete for each student.

K-2 Teacher Perception Surveys

Panorama 3-5 Well-Being Survey

Panorama 3-5 Supports Survey

Panorama 6-12 Well-Being Survey

Panorama 6-12 Supports Survey

If you would like your child to NOT participate in the surveys, click the link to opt out your child.  


Below are the county survey results:    


Fall 2023  3-5 Well-being

Fall 2023 3-5 Supports

Fall 2023 6-12 Well-being

Fall 2023 6-12 Supports



Fall 2022 3-5 Well-Being

Fall 2022 3-5 Supports

Fall 2022 6-12 Well-Being

Fall 2022 6-12 Supports 


If you have any additional questions about the Panorama surveys please contact Michael Ryan at