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Panorama Surveys

Monongalia County Schools utilizes the Panorama student SEL survey to gather feedback and data related to our students' well-being and social-emotional learning (SEL). This helps to inform our approach and supports at the student, school, and District level.

For the 2022-23 school year, we will administer the survey to students in grades 3-12 across the district on the following dates:    Note:  All dates are subject to change.

September 12-24, 2022

January 17-27, 2023

May 15-26, 2023  

Students in grade 3-12 will complete the ~20-minute online survey at school during a designated time. They will answer questions related to their life skills in areas of emotion regulation, self-management, relationships and valuing of school.

If you would like to preview the surveys click on the links below. For students in grades K-2, the classroom teacher will complete for each student.

K-2 Teacher Perception Surveys

Panorama 3-5 Well-Being Survey

Panorama 3-5 Supports Survey

Panorama 6-12 Well-Being Survey

Panorama 6-12 Supports Survey

If you would like your child to not participate in the surveys, below is the parent letter with the link to opt your child out.

Panorama Parent letter and opt-out link (English) 

Panorama Parent letter (Spanish) 

Panorama Parent letter (Chinese) 

Panorama Parent letter (Vietnamese) 

Panorama Parent letter (Arabic) 

Below are the county results of our surveys done  

Fall 2022 3-5 Well-Being

Fall 2022 3-5 Supports

Fall 2022 6-12 Well-Being

Fall 2022 6-12 Supports

If you have any additional questions about the Panorama surveys please contact Michael Ryan at