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Essentials 21-22 

Beginning of the Year Essentials

As of 8/16/21, all of the modules are available on SafeSchools.

If you cannot log in using your 956 number - and you are at a school - contact your EdTech Leader (TIS) on August 19th.  August 19th is the EdTech Leader's start date.

SUBSTITUTES - substitutes are loaded into Safeschools!  (posted 8/18, 8:17am)  Log in with your 956 number.

SUBSTITUTES are not issued a k12 email until they are hired into a permanent substitute position or fully hired.  You must, however, have a current email on file with Human Resources. There are some subs who are sharing an email with a spouse - this is unacceptable.  All employees are required to have an individual email.  If you are not using your own, please update your email with the HR office, immediately. 

If you are fully hired (Not a Substitute) and not at a school, and are unable to log into the system,  please email me your first & last name, location, job description, 95600 number and work email.  (All information must be provided before I can gain your access to the system)