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Community Mental Health Resources During Covid-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 may be stressful for many people and families.  The CDC indicates that “Taking Care of yourself, your friends, and your family can help you cope with stress.  Helping others cope with their stress can also make your community stronger.”

Recommendations for managing stress during these uncertain times include:

  • Tending to your physical needs
    • Exercise
    • Spend time outside
    • Practice deep breathing techniques
    • Get plenty of sleep
    • Drink water
    • Make efforts to eat well-balanced meals
  • Taking breaks from reading, watching, or listening to the news and social media
  • Make time to unwind by trying or doing some other activities you enjoy that you don’t typically have time for
  • Connect with others

If you are still struggling with your feelings, students might reach out to their school counselor.  Families might also consider seeking assistance from local mental health agencies. 

If there is an emergency or threat of imminent danger, please always call 911. 


If you or a loved one is struggling with suicidal thoughts or feelings, please refer to the following link:


Amanda Lewis, LPC, NCC

7000 Coombs Farm Dr. Suite 202

Morgantown, WV 26508

Telephone: 304-413-5002



Hours: Mon-Fri by appointment, including after school and evening

Description of Services: Works with children and adolescents struggling with various anxiety disorders, school refusal/anxiety, depression, autism, social adjustment concerns, family changes, substance use concerns within the family, grief and loss. Utilizes an eclectic treatment approach with a primary focus on cognitive behavioral strategies.

Target Population: Children, adolescents, adults, families

Insurance: PEIA, Blue Cross Blue Shield, UPMC, The Health Plan, Optum, and self-pay

During COVID-19: offering telehealth services, both via phone or a HIPAA compliant video platfo

Chestnut Ridge Center


Swapna King/Community Relations Coordinator

930 Chestnut Ridge Rd.

Telephone: 304-598-4214 –Outpatient Services

800-982-6277 –Acute Care

Hours of Operation:  8:00-5:00 (M-F)

Description of Services: Child/Adolescent Psychiatry and Therapy, Inpatient/Outpatient Services. Acute Care includes comprehensive psychiatric assessment and treatment to stabilize symptoms of adolescents (13-18) who are actively suicidal, homicidal, or psychotic.

Assessments/Evaluation Types: Psychiatric and Neuropsychological Evaluations including ADHD, Autism, learning disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, anxiety, depression, concussions, medical disorders, neurological disorders

Targeted Populations: Children and Adolescents

Insurance: WVM accepted and most common insurances accepted.

During COVID-19: All in person appointments at CRC can be converted to video appointments in EPIC now and patients can do those from home (therapy and med appointments) if they open a WVU mychart account- including new assessments as long as there is a video component.

There are 2 rooms at CRC  for patients without internet that they can come and have access to a computer to zoom to a provider for a teleappt. There is a CRC outpatient crisis team for urgent assessments- call 304-598-4214 and ask to speak to Emily Finamore, clinic manager.

CRC also can do phone appts for established patients.

Child and Adolescent Group Counseling: Current groups running for children include, EDIT (eating disorders), PREVENT (early substance use) and ReACT (complex trauma). All groups include in person and tele capabilities.




WVU Chestnut Ridge Center


Lauren Swager, MD


930 Chestnut Ridge Rd.

Morgantown, WV 26506

Telephone: 304-598-4214


Pediatric Referral for EValuation of the Essential Needs of Teens


*Offers an array of other mental health services at the Chestnut Ridge Center

Description of Services: A multidisciplinary clinic designed to provide comprehensive and evidence-based assessment and treatment of adolescents with substance use problems. Services include substance use and behavioral risk assessments/screening, comprehensive psychiatric evaluations, individual and family therapy, medication-supported recovery for tobacco, alcohol, and opiate dependence if indicated, drug testing, psychopharmacology for other mental health conditions, parent guidance and supportive therapy, consultation with pediatricians and communicate services

Targeted Population: For teens who have just begun using substances or have had one episode of concerning behavior, to those struggling with more advanced levels of addiction.

Insurance: Take all insurance except other state’s Medicaid.

During COVID-19: Continuing the PREVENT clinic via Zoom telehealth.


Harmony Roots


1005 White Willow Way Morgantown, WV 26505

395 Emily Drive Clarksburg, WV 26003 1100 Main St, Suite 104 Wheeling, WV 26330

Telephone: 304-460-5123



Hours of Operation:

Morgantown:  Monday through Friday 8am - 7pm; Saturdays 9am-2pm

Clarksburg and Wheeling: Monday through Friday 9am-5pm


Description of Services: Board certified psychiatrists and licensed therapists providing general psychiatry including  medication management and therapy. Treatment targeted for individuals with conditions  including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, ADHD, substance abuse, and body image.We are also qualified to assess and provide documentation for an Emotional Support Animal.

Targeted Population: Adolescents and Adults

Insurance: Accepts most insurances, but we ask that you please check your benefits for coverage as our services may be covered as a specialty. Also not all providers are available on Saturdays, so please let the team know when you call so that they can connect you with the correct provider.

During COVID-19: Harmony is currently doing telehealth. Patients are welcome to call 304-460-5123


Holistic Therapy Center



Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Certified Criminal Justice Professional

EMDR Therapist


1286 Suncrest Town Center Drive,

Morgantown, WV 26505

Telephone: 304-680-7003



Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday by appointment


Description of Services: Psychotherapy services for presenting concerns including: anxiety, depression, trauma, grief/loss, self-esteem, family issues, school issues, panic, addiction, anger management, and stress management.

Assessments/Evaluations: Biopsychological diagnostic evaluations, drug and alcohol assessments

Insurance/Fee Information: Highmark, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, PEIA, CHIP, Health Plan, Aetna, out of network plans, and private pay.

Additional comments: Also utilizes addiction counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness based therapy.

During COVID-19: Is offering telehealth sessions on VSee right now for clients and can be contacted via email to schedule.


Libera, Inc. 


Karen Haring (Executive Dir.)

Jessica Haring (Counselor)

P. O. Box 1147

Dellslow, WV  26531

Telephone: 304-460-5018 (For scheduling appointments)

Telephone: 304-319-0970 (For other information)


Website Address:


Description of Services: Libera, Inc. is a registered 501©(3) whose mission is to create an environment where women and teens in WV are empowered to live in freedom.  Listen to stories and help them to take steps toward emotional, intellectual, relational, spiritual, physical and financial freedom.  Provide vital connections through groups, individual counseling, mentoring, resources, workshops, and volunteer opportunities to help women find their identities, voices, strengths, purpose, and their freedom. 

Assessment: Through individual counseling and art therapy techniques

Targeted Population:  Women & teens

Insurance:  $40 for those can afford the costs for individual counseling. Does offer pro bono services for those who cannot pay.

Comments:  Groups meet once a week for 6 weeks and are held in all counties over north central WV. 

During COVID-19: Libera has a link with a “coronavirus survival kit” that offers several resources and tools. ( If someone needs to talk, Libera has both staff and volunteers who are trained in listening [304-319-0970]. Also, if anyone is in crisis, please text the Crisis Text Line at 741741. Libera also has a counselor on staff who can do phone and VSee counseling.



Mountaineer Psychological Services


Jessica Myers, PhD

(Owner & Licensed Psychologist)


4000 Coombs Farm Drive

Bldg D, Unit 102

Morgantown, WV 26508

Telephone: 304-241-1766

Fax: 304-381-2648



Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 9:00-5:30

Evening hours by appointment, no weekend appointments

Description of Services: Psychological behavioral health evaluation and treatment, we have a licensed psychologist and several counselors. We also provide couples, family, and group counseling, and consultations.

Assessment/Evaluations: Diagnostic evaluations, identification of issues with behavioral problems, truancy, substance abuse, ADHD, mood and anxiety, child abuse and neglect trauma

Targeted Population: Children, adolescents, and adults

Additional Comments: A reasonable waitlist. Accept court-ordered referrals.

Insurance: accepts most insurances, generally tries to check during the referral process.

During COVID-19: Mountaineer Psychological Services is currently offering both telehealth and face-to-face services for both therapy and psychological evaluations.


Natural Resilience/Resilient Kids

Erika Laurenson

2000 Coombs Farm Rd.

Morgantown, WV 26508

Telephone: 304-381-2211


1277 Suncrest Towne Center

Morgantown, WV 26508

Telephone: 304-241-5100

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00


Description of Services: Integrative counseling incorporates evidence based complementary and alternative therapies with conventional treatments in the interest of providing holistic and comprehensive care. Provides integrative services resulting in creative, individualized treatment plans to address various emotional issues, daily stressors, and life goals.

Targeted Population: Resilient Kids- children/adolescents. Natural Resilience- adults.

Insurance: Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, PEIA, TRICARE, MHnet, Humana, webtpa, Coventry, and The Health Plan. If your insurance is not listed here, we will inquire about becoming a provider.

During COVID-19: Offering Telehealth Therapy Services


PSIMED Morgantown


1111 Van Voorhis Rd., Suite J

Morgantown, WV  26505

Telephone:  304-212-5526


Hours of Operation:  Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri.- 8:00 to 5:00;  Wed, 8:00 to 8:00; Open one Saturday a month.

Description of Services:  A comprehensive mental health outpatient clinic that provides counseling and psychiatric care. 

Target Population:  Children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families.

Insurance:  Accepts the following insurances:  Aetna, BCBS, Humana, Medicare, PEIA (Healthsmart), The Health Plan, Tricare, United Healthcare, Cigna, and UMWA.

During COVID-19: Offering alternatives to visiting the offices in the form of Telehealth and are able to provide most of their services in that manner. For questions or to request Telehealth services, call 681-265-9047.





Valerie Stansberry, MS, LPC, CRC

709 Beechurst Seneca Center, Suite 14 B

Morgantown, WV 26505

Telephone: 304-291-9491

Hours of Operation: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Tuesday through Friday; Closed Mondays; Times may vary by appointment.

Description of Services: Individual and family therapy for adolescents and adults, general psychiatric conditions (e.g., depressive disorders, anxiety, trauma and stressor related disorders, etc.). Specialized focus on eating disorders with a multidisciplinary treatment approach that includes the pediatrician and nutritionist who specializes in eating disorders. 

Assessments/Evaluation Types: Assessments and evaluations depend on the presenting condition and individual.

Targeted Population:  Adolescents impacted by bullying, teen pregnancy, adjustment problems, poor self-image, and performance anxieties.

Insurance:  We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, PEIA, Aetna, Health Plan, and out-of-network policies. The fee for services will depend on the insurance contracted rate. Generally prefer not to do out of network policies.

During COVID-19: Offering telecounseling services and are increasing services to accomodate for COVID-19.


Wellspring Family Services

827 Fairmont Road, Suite 201,

Morgantown, WV 26501

Telephone:  304-292-1716

Emergency Telephone:  800-280-2229

Fax: 304-292-1766

Hours of Operation:  8:30-5:00 (M-F)

Evening hours by appointment



Description of Services: Outpatient/In-Home Behavioral Treatment agency; services include comprehensive assessments, individual and family therapy, focus on trauma specific services, supportive counseling, behavior modification, targeted case management, and court reports. 

Targeted Populations: Ages  4 through adults

Insurance: WV Medical card, some private insurances, and self-pay.

During COVID-19: Offering teletherapy



WM Counseling

Esther Ervin, LPC; Ashleigh Mills, LPC; Beth Stafford Licensed Psychologist

50 Clay Street – Morgantown, WV 26501 – Suite 3

Telephone: 304-381-4831


Description of Services: Therapeutic approaches include humanistic, reality, psychodynamic, CBT; *Specific training in current trauma models of Trauma-Focused CBT, CPT, and EMDR

Targeted Populations: high schoolers; those experiencing trauma, LGBTQ issues, change of life stressors, depression and anxiety

Insurance: Accepts PEIA, Blue Cross Blue Shield, The Health Plan, UMR, UHC, Optum Network, Aetna, Beacon, Value Options, Stratose, Benefits Assistance, Compsych, out of network* (*depends on carrier benefit; also offers private pay and sliding scale options

During COVID-19: Shifting to Telehealth. All services are provided through their secure online video platform. Accepting new patients, but only providing telehealth services for now. Once reopened for face to face interaction, new clients will have the options of continuing telehealth or transitioning to in person service delivery.



Whole Brain Solutions, LLC

235 High St., Suite 607

Morgantown, WV  26505


Miranda Riffle, MA, NCC, EMDR.T

Provisioned Licensed Counselor




Sydney Menigoz, MA, NCC

Provisioned Licensed Counselor




Hours of Operation:  9am-7pm (Monday Through Friday)

Description of Services:  Trauma and neuroscience informed psychotherapy services, including a diverse and eclectic approach to client issues and concerns. Specializing in play therapy, creative expression therapy, EMDR, talk therapy, trauma-informed yoga and reiki, Whole Brain Solution offers an array of therapeutic services to help clients of various ages deal with trauma, mood disorders, substance use, addiction, anxiety, depression, or behavioral issues.

Targeted Population: Children and adolescents 5-18 years, parents of adolescents

Insurance: Accepts PEIA, Aetna, The Health plan, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Highmark, Tricare, or cash pay. Sliding scale available. Does not accept Medicaid.

During COVID-19:  Currently everyone at Whole Brain Solutions is operating through telehealth through their database Simple Practice or through Zoom. They have multiple EMDR clinicians on staff, a colleague who focuses on ACT, a couples therapist and also a yoga instructor.


WV Therapy & Wellness Center

235 High Street Suite 720

Morgantown, WV 26505

Telephone: 304-413-0426




Description of Services: Specializes in trauma counseling. Provides services for addictions/co-occurring disorders, anxiety/mood disorders, PTSD, trauma/abuse, adolescent/family counseling, relationship/couples counseling (BiGLT safe)

Specialize in offering therapeutic services for those who have been adversely affected by trauma and, or addiction. All therapeutic services offered are designed to necessitate the growth, change and healing process.

Target Population: Children and adults.

Insurance: PEIA, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Unicare

During COVID-19: WV Therapy and Wellness Center is able to provide telehealth services at this time and are accepting new referrals.



Additional Resources:


West Virginia Safe Schools Helpline: 1-866-SAFE-WVA (1-866-723-3982)

West Virginia Poison Control Center: 1-800-222-1222

West Virginia Information and Support: 2-1-1

WV State Police: 304-746-2100

WV Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management: 304-558-5380

Child & Adult Abuse Hotline: 1-800-352-6513

Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Crisis Text Line: Text “Hello” to 741741

Hate Crimes Hotline: 1-888-676-5546

Drug Abuse and Referral Hotline: 1-800-662-4357


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