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Volunteer Training

All Volunteers must complete this training per Monongalia County Schools Policy 8120

□   View the Volunteer Training presentation.  Questions for the quiz will come from this presentation.

□   Complete the quiz.  All questions on the quiz are required.

□   Quiz attempts are date and timestamped. You may only take this quiz twice per day.

□   Upon submission a confirmation message will display the number of correct answers. 

□   To pass the quiz you need to correctly answer 8 or more questions.  If you do not pass the quiz, review the training presentation again before retaking the quiz. 


Next Steps:

Once you have successfully completed the quiz visit the school to:

□   Complete and submit Volunteer Application (school choice).

□   Scan driver’s license. 


  1.  All Chaperones/Volunteers must complete the training each year.
  2. Completed Chaperone/Volunteer application are to be sent to the MCS Human Resource Department c/o Mary Abate.