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Renaissance Academy

Monongalia County’s Board of Education has selected the architectural firm DLR Group to design the Renaissance Academy - a new STEM focused training center to feature Career & Technical Education (CTE) and college preparatory courses. The project is the number one priority on the Board of Education’s Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan in order to provide space and innovative career training opportunities for students.            

Leading the Way in STEM Education: Monongalia County establishes Renaissance Academy

Morgantown, WV–  Monongalia County Schools is moving forward with the establishment of the Renaissance Academy– a cutting-edge Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and Career and Technical Education (CTE) training space to include college preparatory instruction. This transformative initiative aims to equip students with the technical environments and skillsets to prepare for the innovative careers of the future.

As the world of technology continues to emerge, Monongalia County recognizes the importance of providing opportunities for a comprehensive educational experience that includes the practical, hands-on learning in STEM disciplines and CTE simulated work environments such as healthcare, biotechnology, sustainable manufacturing, advanced skilled trades, culinary arts and more.
“Bringing the Renaissance Academy to Monongalia County underscores the Board of Education’s commitment to empowering students as the future innovators, problem-solvers, and leaders in academics and applied technology,” says Superintendent Eddie Campbell.

The Renaissance Academy will prepare students to excel in these fields by offering programs that align with evolving and emerging careers. By equipping students with the latest knowledge and practical hands-on skills, Monongalia County Schools is cultivating talent through engaged exploration and discovery to prepare students for higher learning and career readiness.

To do so, the Renaissance Academy will provide dynamic educational environments that reflect the modern workplace. With cutting-edge facilities and equipment, and industry-standard technology, students will participate in immersive learning experiences.

The Academy will also enable the school communities to forge and strengthen partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and higher education institutions to offer students mentorship, internships, and collaborative opportunities. These partnerships will bridge the gap between academia and industry and evolve with the ever-changing workplace.

Monongalia County Schools welcomes stakeholders, business leaders, and community members to be a part of this groundbreaking initiative. By partnering with the Renaissance Academy, you can contribute to the development of a skilled workforce, propel economic growth opportunities, and increase the overall success of West Virginians.

We invite you to connect with us to explore opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and joint educational initiatives that will ensure our students are well-prepared to seize the emerging career opportunities in the STEM/CTE fields. 



SLide Deck from 8/22/2023  Board of Education Meeting   

DLR Projects designed with a STEM/CTE Focus

September 26, 2023: Board of Education Meeting Time Stamp 53:38 

August 22, 2023:   Board of Education Meeting Time Stamp 46:09

June 13, 2023:  Board of Education Meeting  Time Stamp 20:50

March 22,2023:  Board of Education Meeting Time Stamp 10:17  

View the September 28, 2023 Stakeholder Meeting facilitated by DLR Group

View the August 24, 2023 Stakeholder Meeting facilitated by DLR Group


Meeting audio is low at beginning and is eventually adjusted. 

Initial Renaissance Academy Conceptual Tri-fold 



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