Congratulations, Mr. Caskey!


Mr. Caskey's Class

Principal Conrad, Leslie LaPosta, and Mr. Caskey stand with his 8th period WV History class. 

Philip Caskey, social studies and West Virginia history teacher at Westwood Middle School was awarded a $500 grant by McDonalds of Morgantown, owned and operated by the J.W. Ebert Corporation. Mr. Caskey’s 8th period class was set to begin when Leslie LaPosta, representative of the local McDonalds' franchise, stopped in to present the award. 

Students can look forward to a hands-on history lesson and learn how the money will be spent when the time is right. “I plan to start the project with this class sometime in February,” Caskey said.  He also hinted the theme would have something to do with the French and Indian war. 

We’ll keep you posted when the project is revealed.    

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