Monongalia County All-State Musicians 2021-22

Last Updated: 2/14/2022 6:44 PM

All-State Band, Orchestra, and Choral Achievements


Monongalia County Schools are full of MANY musically talented and hard-working students. Our directors also work hard to help these students prepare for their auditions and performances.  

Two additional opportunities for all-state musicians to aim higher each year are: 

West Virginia American Choral Directors Association -  January 27-29, Charleston, WV (for choir only) - (Middle School/Junior High Honor Choir and High School All-State Chamber Choir)

West Virginia Music Educators Association - March 3-5 - Charleston, WV (for all levels of music in our schools- Elementary Choir, Middle School Orchestra, and High School Choir, Orchestra, and Band)


We would like to recognize the following students for their dedication and achievements: 


WVACDA - Middle School/Junior High Honor Choir (7th, 8th, 9th grade)

Morgantown High School - Lauren Tosh, director

Charlee Dunlap (Soprano)

Sydney Fogelman (Soprano)

Maddox McCabe (Tenor)


Suncrest Middle School - SarahEllen Beamer, director

Susan Boles (Soprano)

Elise Myers (Soprano)

Milanya  DiPietro (Alto)

Bella Sanchez (Alto)

Colton Barr (Tenor)

Andrew Preece (Bass)


Westwood Middle School - Elaine Riffle, director

Brennan Cox (Alto)

Mattea Abersold (Soprano)

Abigail Thompson (Alto)

Paige Mayle (Soprano)

Bethany Ogline (Alternate)

Samantha Bennett (Alternate)

Gaven Gaskill (Bass)

Colby Medley (Tenor)


WVACDA High School All-State Chamber Choir (10th, 11th, 12th)


Morgantown High School - Lauren Tosh, director

Riley Dalton (Soprano)

Audrey Hasley (Soprano)

Drew Mackey (Tenor)

Dominic Secreto (Tenor)

Caleb Hetzer (Bass)


University High School - Barry Kolar, director

Genny Vanaman (Alto)

Andrew Kiehl (Bass)


WVMEA All-State Children's Chorus (4th, 5th, 6th grade)

North Elementary School - Jen Mattern, director

Olivia Griffin

Lily Kieffer

Erika Martin

Shreyansh Medatati

Emily Weigand

Yile (Ella) Wang


Suncrest Middle School - SarahEllen Beamer, director

Kale'a Anderson (Alto)

Nina Lindsey (Alto)


Westwood Middle School - Elaine Riffle, director

Klair Gribble (Alto)

Allissondra Waldron (Alto)

Jonah McMillen (alternate)


WVMEA Middle School All-State Orchestra


Mountaineer Middle School - Cassie Nelson, director

Elliot Jackson (Violin 1)

Maddie Nguyen (Violin 1)

Shelby Sandolfini (Violin 2)

Dylan LoPinto-Ludas (Violin 2)

Julia Watson (Cello)

Abby Kingora (Cello)

Charlotte LoPinto-Ludas (Bass, Principal)


South Middle School - Scott Gillum, director

Will Chang (Concertmaster)

Jacquelyn Lawson (Viola)

Tony Buckley (Cello)


Suncrest Middle School - Cassie Nelson, director

Oliver Chorpening (Violin 1)

Pavan Subramani (Violin 2)

Janie Gilchrist (Cello)

Lorelei Namsupak (Bass)


WVMEA High School All-State Chorus


Morgantown High School - Lauren Tosh, director

Riley Dalton (Soprano 1)

Audrey Hasley (Soprano 2)

Peyton Ogden (Alto 1)

Grace Forman (Alto 2)

Drew Mackey (Tenor 1)

Justin Mampel (Tenor 2)

Dominic Secreto (Bass 1)

Caleb Hetzer (Bass 2)


WVMEA High School All-State Orchestra


University High School - Corey Orban, director

Ana Lasker (Violin 1)

Rowan Keifer (Violin 2)

Anthony Martin (Viola)

Georgia Palmatory (Oboe - 1st chair)

Malia Lewis (French Horn)


Morgantown High School - Lauren Tosh, director

Lauren Gilchrist (Concertmaster)

Lauren Shen (Violin 1)

Celina Liang (Violin 1)

Elliot Chang (Violin 1)

Nick Alby-Gabara (Violin 1)

Alexander Gilchrist (Violin 2)

Colin Bailey (Viola)

Caroline Stratton (Cello)

Samuel Peterson (Trumpet) (MHS Band)

Soveren Chhin-Kreiner (Bassoon) (MHS Band)

Zachary Soe (Flute) (MHS Band)


WVMEA High School All-State Band


Morgantown High School - Lorne Hyskell, director / Brian Reed, asst. director

Joshua May (Trumpet)

Max Davis (Trombone)

David Gutmann (Tenor Saxophone -1st chair)

Gwenyth Sikora (Percussion)

Madison Miller (Oboe)

Natalie Turner (Clarinet)

Gabriel Flanagan (Clarinet)

Madison Jackson (Clarinet)

Alexandra Constantine (Clarinet)


University High School - Mark Palmer, director / Corey Orban, asst. director

Garrett Nitz (Oboe - 1st chair)

Owen Cosner (Clarinet)

Isaac Nay (Clarinet)

Andrew Kiehl (Euphonium - 1st chair)

Kyle Patterson (Tuba)

Greer Lambert (Percussion - 1st chair)

Emily Arnett (Percussion)

Samantha Guenther (Percussion)

Chase Wilcox (Percussion)


If there are any corrections to the list, please email to request edits.