Celebrating Earth Day 2022 and Problem Solving with STEAM

Last Updated: 4/28/2022 9:35 PM

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 Earth Day project   


Cheat Lake celebrated a school-wide Earth Day by incorporating STEAM learning activities throughout the day using recycled materials.  Activities were organized by members of the curriculum committee by giving each teacher a menu of activities that focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math with an overall theme of Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling.  

Students participated in the following projects: 

Fourth graders in Mrs. White's class and fifth graders in Mrs. Stone's class worked in collaborative groups to engineer biomes out of donated recyclable materials that represented a variety of landscapes.  Before creating their biome, each group researched the different biomes. Examples included rainforests, tundra, grasslands, oceans, and more!

Third grade students in Mrs. Hylton's class used donated/recycled materials to create board games. Each group had to determine the purpose of the game, write instructions for how to play, and create the games using recycled materials like cardboard, stickers, yarn, foam, buttons, flash cards, and pieces from old board games.  

COVER PHOTO:  Mrs. Decker's second grade class tested their engineering skills as they launched parachutes made from plastic bottles, plastic bags, buttons, and tape. The parachutes were created in response to the fairy tale Rapunzel, in an effort to save Rapunzel from the tower. 

First grade students displayed their Recycled Robots throughout the hallways. Additionally, students in Ms. Berkshire's class were asked to construct marble runs using paper towel rolls and tape. Students estimated how many rolls they would need and would later count and graph the number of rolls used. 

All students at Cheat Lake planted wildflower seeds in reused milk cartons to take home to help pollinator populations. 

Students also received a STEAM Day Family Involvement brochure containing STEM activities to try at home, local Earth Day celebrations, and Backseat Boredom Busters - essentially car-ride activities as options to playing on an electronic device.

What a fun day!