High School PM Bus Schedules

Last Updated: 8/18/2021 8:52 PM


Clay Battelle Middle/High

Bus 365  Crossroads Rd, Zeb Haught Rd, Range Rd, Wadestown Rd

Bus 364  Rt 7 Blacksville, Jakes Run Rd, Mooresville Rd

Bus 347  Thomas Run Rd, Miracle Run Rd, Blue Goose Rd, Happy Lane

Bus 292   Rt 7 Wana, Russle Run, Wadestown Rd, Camp Run Rd, Browns Run Rd 

Bus 293  Jakes Run Rd, Peter Eddy Rd, Jakes Run Community Bldg

Bus 301  Mason Dixon Hwy, Little Indian Creek Rd, Meadow Ponds, Pedlar Run Rd

Bus 321  Days Run Rd, Upper Days Run Rd, Conner School Rd

Bus 324  Macdale Lane, Tom's Run, Brushy Fork Rd

Bus 348  Mason Dixon Hwy(Olive Church), Dunkard Valley Est, LaPoe MHP, Buckeye Rd.

Bus 349  Daybrook Rd, McCoy Rd, Yank Hollow, Wilson Rd, Davey Jones Rd.

Bus 356  Meadow Ponds, Little Indian Creek Rd, Dolls Run Church, Rt 7/Pentress



Morgantown High

Bus 363  Smithtown Rd, Tom's Run Rd, Broomsage

Bus 360  Mississippi Ave, City Garage, Hornbeck Rd, Hawthorne Village, Harvest Ridge

Bus 362  Brockway Ave, Brookhaven Rd, Twin Maples, Brockton Dr.

Bus 263  Hornbeck Rd, Goshen Rd, Jenny Lynn Est, Camby Rd, Pine Ridge Rd, Lockwood Est

Bus 265  Bakers Landing, Independence Hills, Mntneer Vlg., Village Park, Brettwald

Bus 268  Boy Scout Camp Rd, Mountaineer Camp Rd, Healthy Heights, Grafton Rd

Bus 270  Powell Ave, Old Jerome Park School, Woodland Terrace, Chestnut Ridge Rd

Bus 271  Pixler Hill Rd, Rinewood Est, Beulah Rd

Bus 277  Summer School Rd, Eastgate, Breakiron Rd, Mountain Ridge Rd

Bus 278  Rock Forge, Summer School Rd, Nicholson Loop, Lookout Lane

Bus 284  VanVoorhis Rd, Bakers Rdg. Rd, StClairs Vlg., West Run Rd, The Lofts, Copper Ck.

Bus 288   Dorsey Ave - WV Ave to Parkway St

Bus 296  College Park Apts, Paradise Pets, West Run Apts, Cedar Ridge, Suncrest Vlg

Bus 298  Smithtown Rd, Smithtown School Rd, Opikiska Rd, Opikiska Ridge Rd.

Bus 300  Halleck Rd, Secenic Woods, Halleck Est, Hidden Acres

Bus 309  Grafton Rd, Gladesville Rd, Arden Peters Rd, Brewer Rd

Bus 311  Summer School Rd, Sand Bank Rd, Davis Rd, McKinney Cave Rd

Bus 368  Willowdale Rd, Pineview Dr, Hickory/Perry, Cottonwood, Headlee

Bus 315  Kingwood Pike, Diamond Ridge, McKinney Cave Rd.

Bus 317  Pond Rd.  Mountainview Rd, Mountainview School Rd, Husqavarna Dr

Bus 323  Grand St, Bluegrass Village, Cedar Glen Apts, Vista Del Rio, Brunswick Apts

Bus 325  University Ave - Law School to Boyers Ave, Saratoga Ave/Canfield Ave

Bus 328  Richwood Ave, Charles Ave, Woodland PK, Airport Blvd, Grapevine Village

Bus 337  Ashton Estates

Bus 339  Morningside Dr, Lawrence St, Autumn Ave, Summits Ridge, 8th Ave.

Bus 342  VanVoorhis Rd, Winwood, Wedgewood, Southview, Northridge Townhomes

Bus 343  Grafton Rd, Goshen Rd, Ridgegale Rd, Owl Creek Rd, 4H Camp Rd           

Bus 345  South Hills Dr, Augusta Ave, Vandalia, Lower Aarons Creek, Cobun Creek Rd.

Bus 346  Richwood Ave, Earl Core Rd, Dellslow, Pioneer Rocks, Tyrone Village

Bus 369  University Ave, Collins Ferry Rd, Hillview, Timberline Apts.

Bus 358  Sabraton Ave, Listravia Ave, Dug Hill, Brookhaven Rd, Pleasant Rd. 

Bus 367  Falling Run Rd, Stewart St., Burroughs St,, Suncrest Town Ctr.



University High

         Bus 258  Tower Lane, Keener St, Holland Ave, Dupont Rd, West Ridge Rd

         Bus 266  Point Marion Rd, Circle Dr, Surrey Dr, Marion Meadows, Easton Mill Rd

         Bus 269  Old Cheat Rd, Agronomy Farm Rd, Deerwood, Stone Brook Est, Tyrone Rd

         Bus 276  Harner Run Rd, S Pierpont Rd, Fields Park Rd, Imperial Dr, Tyrone Rd, Quartz Dr

         Bus 279  Airport Blvd, Hartman Run Rd, Charles Ave

         Bus 280  Pace Tech, Sugar Lane, Sugar Grove Rd, Mel Brand Rd, Lynch Rd

         Bus 282  Cheat Lake Physicians, Snake Hill Rd

         Bus 290  Fairmont Rd, Little Indian Creek Rd, Hidden Valley Rd, Arnettsville, Hagans Area

         Bus 297  Blue Horizon Dr, Guston Run Rd, McGinnis MHP, Cassville-Mt Morris Rd

         Bus 299  Tyrone Rd, West Electric Rd, Pioneer Village, Meadowlands

         Bus 305  Fairchance Rd, Twin Knobs, Stone Path, Sirockman Rd,  Sand Springs Rd

         Bus 306  Bruceton Mills VFD, Coopers Rock

         Bus 307  Tyrone Avery Rd, Pounds Hollow Rd, Four Seasons

         Bus 308  Stewartstown Rd, Emma Kaufman Camp Rd, Woodlands

         Bus 318  Dupont Rd/Bird's Eye, Fairmont Rd - Strawberry Lane to Honeysuckle

         Bus 326  Fairmont Rd/Alley A Westover

         Bus 332  Dent's Run Rd, Granville VFD, Ft Martin Rd, Maidsville PO

         Bus 334  #8 Hollow, Bowlby Rd, Brand Rd, Lazzelle Union Rd

         Bus 335  River Rd, Lower Booth Rd, Hildebrand L& D Rd, Pickhandle Hill, Triplett Village

         Bus 336  Bethel Rd, Bethel Church Rd, Lazzelle Union Rd, Cassville/Mt Morris Rd, Guston Rd, Blue Horizon Rd.

         Bus 341  Mason Dixon Hwy, Shriver MIne Rd, Cassville/Mt Morris Rd, New Hill, Meadow Ponds

         Bus 338  Canyon Rd, Lakeside Est, Canyon MHP, Country Squire, Cheat Crossing

         Bus 357  Ices Ferry, Fairchance Rd, Sunset Beach Rd, Falling Water, Lakeview Manor, Mont Chateau

         Bus 359  Scotts Run Rd, Viewcrest Village, Ladybug Dr.

         Bus 401  Dunkard Ave, Old Riverside School, Pennsylvania Ave.