Essentials 21-22

Beginning of the Year Essentials Last Updated: 8/18/2021 12:18 PM

As of 8/16/21, all of the modules are available on SafeSchools.

If you cannot log in using your 956 number - and you are at a school - contact your EdTech Leader (TIS) on August 19th.  August 19th is the EdTech Leader's start date.


SUBSTITUTES - substitutes are loaded into Safeschools!  (posted 8/18, 8:17am)  Log in with your 956 number.


SUBSTITUTES do not get issued a k12 email until they are hired into a permanent substitute position or fully hired.  Just make sure you have a current email with HR.  There are some subs who are sharing an email with a spouse - that needs changed!  Everyone should have their own unique email.  Please update your email with HR.


If you are fully hired (not Substitute) and not at a school, and you are unable to get into the system - email me your first & last name, location, job description, 95600 number and work email.  (I will not do anything if info is not all provided.)