Last Updated: 1/10/2022 8:10 PM

Message from the Superintendent

Superintendent Campbell  

Eddie R. Campbell, Jr., Ed.D. 
Superintendent, Monongalia County Schools


December 21, 2021

Dear MCS’ Staff & Community,

The character and progress that our school communities have exhibited during this first semester is very impressive, to say the least.  Staff and students from the age of five continue to w­ear face coverings and roll up their sleeves to receive vaccines to help keep themselves and others from becoming seriously ill.     

While the progress report for a healthy school system so far this year is OUTSTANDING, we must remain diligent to keep students in classrooms and receiving the consistent instruction and services they rely on each day for educational success.      

The current COVID-19 guidelines, which include indoor masking and other mitigation efforts, have shown to keep the virus at bay and our students and staff out of mass quarantines. Cooperative efforts allow for the maximum number of students to stay in classrooms with minimal interruptions to their learning environments.     

Since August, as we realized the success of our protocol, we began to incorporate the following into our schools:  full-capacity audiences at sporting events, music concerts, and other school functions; select field trips; community outreach efforts.

We are continually integrating activities into school schedules with safety and health measures in place, and closely monitored.  

To keep a healthy momentum, Monongalia County Schools’ COVID-19 protocol will remain the same for the return to school in January. Face coverings will be required for all employees, students, visitors and vendors entering buildings until further notice.

As with the fall guidance, no face coverings will be required while outdoors. Athletes engaged in high intensity indoor sports will not be required to wear a face covering while actively participating. All unengaged athletes must wear face coverings while indoors and traveling on buses.       

As I have stated since the pandemic began, we will lift face coverings and other requirements when it is deemed safe by state and local health officials. Please review the updated 2022 school guidance linked on our district and school websites for more details.   

Monongalia County Schools continues to strongly recommend that all who are eligible, ages five years and older, receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Boosters are now available to those ages 16 and older. Participation is important in efforts to keep yourself and one another as safe as possible, and to help quell uncertainty about potential threats of virus variants.

I look forward to an exceptionally healthy 2022 as we continue to comply with protocols that benefit our personal health and safety, and that of the Monongalia County Schools’ community. 

Best wishes for happy holidays and a well-deserved break.



Eddie Campbell, Jr., Ed.D.