UHS - September 8

Last Updated: 9/6/2020 10:34 PM

     I am calling this afternoon to give everyone some logistics on what our school day will look like on Tuesday.  As you heard from Dr. Campbell, we will begin our school year remotely.  This means all students, whether they chose Option 1 (blended learning) or Option 2 (MCS distance learning) will begin school from home.  Our teachers will have all information on how to access each class in a student’s schedule posted to Schoology by Tuesday at 7:15am.  Our day will begin with Advisory class at 8am.  There will be a link in the student schoology account to log on to the virtual advisory class session.   All students, A-Z, should log on to this session.  Students that selected WV Virtual are also invited to attend the advisory session but not required.  During the virtual session, students will receive information on how to complete a daily required self-screening, how to order meals even when they are not in school and get a link that parents will need to complete by Friday, September 11th to update your student information.

     Students that selected Option 2: MCS Distance Learning will begin in the schedule they received in the spring.  Further information about distance learning will be given later.  We are doing everything possible to keep student schedules as close to what they selected as we can and will update as soon as we have more information.  

     Students taking a class through WV Virtual need to go to the UHS website to read the directions on how to take an online class through WV Virtual.  There could be delays starting the WV Virtual classes due to the high number of requests being made to the state.  Keep checking your Microsoft Office Outlook emails.  The directions to access your Outlook, stu.k12 email is  also located on the UHS website.  As soon as you get the email from WV Virtual School, you will need to get started.

     Tuesday, September 8th, we will run an extended advisory schedule that will begin at 8am with the Advisory class.  After that, students should follow the schedule to determine what time their classes will occur.  The extended schedule as well as our regular bell schedule are located on our school webpage under “students’ and “bell schedules”.  Students will be expected to adhere to this schedule each day to get assignments, lessons and be counted present.  Our teachers will be working extremely hard to make their lessons engaging and challenging and they will have high expectations for our students too.

     Since we will be remote on a week by week basis, we will be holding a materials pick-up for students on Wednesday, September 9th from 10am-6pm in the back of the school.  It will be similar to our materials drop-off in the spring.  Cars will drive around the circle to the right of the building and pull up to the curb where we will pull any materials your student needs.  Most of our textbooks are online so won’t require pick-up.  Your student will receive a notice from their teacher if they need to pick up a textbook.  We will also distribute Chromebooks to new students and we will be giving out our 2019-20 yearbooks.  Graduates are also welcome to pick up their yearbooks at this time but we will also schedule an evening later on for them too.

     I’m sure you will still have many questions for us.  Please take a look at the Bitmoji classroom that we posted last week.  It is located on a rolling banner at the top of our webpage.  If you click on the link to the virtual open house, there will be a red button located on the front of the desk  to send us your questions.  We will produce a frequently asked questions list and post those answers for you very soon.  

     Thanks for being patient and understanding with us.  Unfortunately we have to adapt to changes everyday right now. Please know that we work very hard to keep you updated on all things UHS but we also work hard to not put out misinformation too so sometimes it is delayed because we don’t have official answers to things yet.  We are doing our best to keep you updated.  

     Thank you for your time.  A transcript of this call will be available on Facebook and Twitter and will also be emailed to you if you have your email listed on your student information with us.

     I can’t tell you how excited our staff is that our new school year is finally upon us.  We can’t wait to see our students, even if it is virtually.  


Mrs. Greene