20-21 Kindergarten Registration Update

Last Updated: 7/6/2020 7:10 PM

Kindergarten Registration Update 7/1/2020

‚ÄčPlease submit, as soon as possible, your additional required registration forms/documents.  (Proof of Residency, Birth Certificate, 2 Transportation Forms, Dental Form, Health Check/Physical and Immunizations)


The preferred method would be to upload them to the New Information Form that you previously filled out.  You re-enter this form with the password you made when you initially filled out the form.  The login link is towards the top on the right.  Here is the link to the New Student Information Form:


If you are unable to do submit them by that method, you may:

  • Scan and email to shasleba@k12.wv.us  OR
  • Fax to 304-292-9242 OR
  • Mail to:  Susan Haslebacher  200 West Park Avenue  Westover WV 26501