Chromebook Repairs

Last Updated: 8/20/2020 8:31 PM

last updated:  8/12/2020

Bring in Broken Chromebooks!

Beginning Tuesday, August 18th, you can drop off a chromebook(no charger and no case) and this Completed this form and tape the top half to the Chromebook (if you can't print - put the information on a blank sheet of paper and tape it to the Chromebook)  You will not be permitted in the building.  Ring the bell or look for a box/tote and put it in there.

You will NOT receive a loaner.  It is only for drop-off.


If the Chromebook is a simple repair – it will be taken care of – and someone will get back to you to pick it up at the school.  If it is brought in between August 18-21 we will get them back to the school the following week. 

If the Chromebook requires major repairs – that are not accidental – it will take longer to repair and may require payment for parts by parents.  Student may not have a device when school actually starts.

(An accidental drop from waist-high will not cause huge amounts of damage – it might break the screen or chip a corner of the Chromebook.)



Elementary - needs to keep chargers at home in a safe location.  We will not provide additional chargers.  If you need to purchase one off of Amazon - check with your school's TIS(technology integration specialist).


Middle and High students will only get one charger.  We will not provide any additional chargers.  Chargers for the middle/high chromebook can be purchased off of Amazon.  (Search for "45W or 65W USB-C Lenovo 100e) Prices will vary...expect to pay between $20 & $30.

It will look like this:

Pic of USB-C charger