Chromebook Repairs

Last Updated: 7/13/2020 4:04 PM

last updated:  7/12/2020

Students will get to keep Chromebooks over the summer and must bring them to school at the start of next year.


If you have a repair that is needed - we will have drop-off date/times for you.  (see bottom of this page)

We will have another 'broken drop-off" the week of June 15th.  You will need to continue checking this page.  

We will not collect at every school - Make sure you check below to see where your drop off school is


Plan on being without a Chromebook for 3-4 weeks!

You will NOT receive a loaner.  It is only for drop-off.

Make sure to take care of your Chromebook during the summer!!

We will have one drop-off date in June, one in July and one at the beginning of August.

Please check back here or on your school's website for their drop-off day and time.


1. Complete this form and tape the top half to the Chromebook (if you can't print - put the information on a blank sheet of paper and tape it to the Chromebook)

2. When it's time to drop it off - you'll be driving by your school - look for a person with a box near the main door.  He/she will have a box or tote - you will need to put the Chromebook(with paperwork) in the box. The TIS will not touch your Chromebook.  NO CASES or CORDS - just the Chromebook and the form taped to it.

3. What happens next - is the box of Chromebooks will sit in the building somewhere for 7 days.  After that, they will be repaired. You will be contacted (email is preferred) when it's ready to be picked up.  Expect 3-4 weeks - depending on how many broken ones we get.

4.  If the Chromebook is a simple repair – it will be taken care of – and someone will get back to you to pick it up.  Plan on 3-4 weeks to get it back.  (This is because for the first 7 days – the Chromebooks will sit in the school building and no one will handle them.  Then they will be picked up and repaired – which – depending on how many broken ones we have – could take 3-4 weeks.)

5.  If the Chromebook requires major repairs – that are not accidental – it will take longer to repair and may require payment for parts by parents.  (An accidental drop from waist-high will not cause huge amounts of damage – it might break the screen or chip a corner of the Chromebook.)


Chargers can be purchased off of Amazon.  We will not provide chargers. (Search for "45W or 65W USB-C Lenovo 100e) Prices will vary...expect to pay between $20 & $30.

It will look like this:

Pic of USB-C charger

Chromebooks will stay with the child over the summer. 

Stress taking care of them!


There are some activities occurring this summer where students will need their Chromebooks.

And when school starts – all students must bring them back in.

5th graders will take theirs to the middle school - to get a middle school Chromebook - the one they have now must be in working order.  And the Chromebook, charger and case must be turned in at the middle school - along with a signed Acceptable Use Policy.

8th graders will take theirs and use them all 4 years at the high school

If you have not heard anything within 4 weeks – please email 



Not all schools have determined their time yet.  Continue to check his page - this week. 

You may drop off at any location. 

  July 165 July 16 July 17 July 20 July 21 July 22 July 23 July 24 July 27 July 28 August 4

Drop-off/Pick up



Mylan Park    




Cheat Lake  


Drop-off/Pick up

Drop-off/Pick up



Ridgedale    @ Mountainview
Drop-off/Pick up


Suncrest Elem          


Drop-off/Pick up





Drop-off/Pick up





Drop-off/Pick up
Clay Battelle    






Mt. Middle  




Suncrest Middle