Interpreting your Child's Assessment Reports

Last Updated: 9/29/2021 1:55 PM


To support families in interpreting their student's assessment results, the West Virginia Department of Education has created the following documents.

Interpreting your Child's Assessment Results

WVGSA (grades 3-8)


SAT School Day (Grade 11)


Interpreting the Grade 3-8 WVGSA Family Report:

WVGSA 3-8 Family Report walk through - Download Powerpoint      

Interpreting the SAT School Day Family Report

SAT Family Report walk through - Download Powerpoint


Interpreting the Lexile Quantile Report

Lexile and Quantile Report walk through - Download Powerpoint 


WVASA (grades 3-8 & 11)

Parent Letter

Interpretive Guide for DLM Score Report 


More information regarding the 2022 assessments HERE  


2021 Assessment Results

Courtney Crawford, MCS' Director of Student Assessment, Accountability & Counseling

Assessment Graphic

Courtney Crawford  |  BOE Presentation 

September 28, 2021