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Westwood Faculty

Principal - Mr. Conrad

Asst. Principal - Mrs. Sherald

Secretary (full time) -Mrs. Cooke

Secretary (part-time) - Mrs. Carlton

6th grade teachers

Ms. Wolfe - English / Language Arts

Ms. Yedlosky - English / Language Arts and Math

Ms. North (formerly Stemple) - Math

Mrs. Smalls - Science

Mrs. Smith - Social Studies

7th grade teachers

Ms. Yuhasz- English / Language Arts 7th and 6th grades

Mr. Beresford - English / Language Arts

Mrs. Chapman - Math

Mrs. Coon - Math 7th and 8th grades

Ms. Gruber- Science

Mrs. Grandick-Peck (G-P) - Social Studies

8th grade teachers 

Mr. Arnott - English / Language Arts

Mrs. Johnson - English / Language Arts

Mrs. Wolfe - Math 8th and 6th grades

Mrs. Coon - Math

Mrs. Beck - Science

Mr. Caskey - WV Social Studies

Mr. Nantz - RISE program 

Related Arts

Ms. Martin - Wellness

Mr. Fordyce - Wellness

Ms. Peters - Art

Mrs. Riffle - Music

Mr. Hasley- Band

Mr. Gillum - Strings

Mr. Herrington - Math and Engineering / STEM

Mrs. Murdock - Media Specialist

Dr. Sanchez - Spanish

Mr. Sansom - French

Special Education Teachers

Mr. Mullin 

Dr. Brooks

Mrs. Rowan

Mr. Griffin

Mrs. Lang

Ms. Rhodes

Mrs. Peters

Mrs. Evans

Additional Professional Support Staff

Mr. Brosch - Counselor

Mr. Keefer - Interventionist

Miss Murdock - Counselor (part-time)

Ms. McCabe - EdTech Leader (Technology Integration Specialist)

Mrs. Nething - Interventionist

Ms. Peterson - Instructional Leader (Academic Coach)

Mrs. Shannon - Speech Pathologist

Ms. Shrewsberry - School Nurse

Instructional Aides 

Ms. Claypole

Mrs. Nicholson (LPN)

Mr. Ilagan 


Ms. Barnett

Mrs. King

Ms. Layman


Mr. Riggleman


Mr. Heinze

Mr. Trivett