ACT Prep Course

In preparation for the December/February ACT exam, Mrs. Eades is offering an ACT Prep Course.

All classes take place at UHS in Room 139. The schedule may be adapted due to inclement weather. The calendar was set with consideration for holidays, sporting events, and school functions. Please plan to attend all sessions. There will be a comprehensive review the week of the ACT as an added component. This is a vital review time for the exam. Adjustments to the schedule may be made for the good of the group by the group or instructor as needed. This session is often disrupted by snow days- please know Iwill ALWAYS err on the side of caution if the weather is bad. I never want to keep students in their drive home could prove to be unsafe. If this poses an issue, please feel free to discuss this with me. I will let the students know via Remind by 1:30pm at the latest on any days that we have to cancel. On weekends, I will message before 7:15am.

Materials and Services

  1. Students will receive a workbook and personal instruction in the English, Reading, Math, and Science components of the ACT test.
  2. Students will take 3 practice ACT tests that will be graded and scaled by The Princeton Review.
  3. Students will receive access to an online account to check their scores, take practice tests, or request extra support.
  4. Students will receive a workbook with 1,296 practice questions and tests.
  5. Students may attend future classes for review or if they miss a session

Registration and Cost
The cost of the ACT Prep class is $170.00. Students must pre-register. Interested students must complete the registration sheet and return it to Room 139 by November 15th, 2019 with a $170.00 check made payable to UHS.


To register for the official exam, students should visit

Registration Form-  Please complete and return to Room 139 by November 18th, 2019 with a $170.00 check made payable to