Community Needs Assessment

Last Updated: 10/11/2021 7:32 PM

For over 50 years, Head Start’s mission has been to serve the greatest number of eligible children and families and those in greatest need of its services. The Community Needs Assessment helps our program determine who these children and families are and can they best be served?  A Community Needs Assessment must be conducted by every Head Start and Early Head Start grantee every three years and reported in their grant application. In the interim two years, the grantee must review its Community Needs Assessment and update it, if necessary. This document is an assessment of the needs and resources of eligible families, the program, and the community within the county.

The Community Needs Assessment is critical to help our staff and parents:

  • make informed decisions about service area plans and program delivery
  • develop strategic plans for the program
  • respond to Federal Regulations and initiatives


Please click the below to view the most recent Community Needs Assessment and Annual Report.

Community Needs Assessment 

Annual Report


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