Teacher Chromebook Camp Class

Teacher Chromebook Camp Class
Posted on 04/17/2017
Pic: kids with laptopThis class will meet from June 20 - 23rd from 8am-3:30pm. Location TBD. 
    This class is for teachers in the core areas - Science, Reading/LA, Math, and Social Studies - in K-12. 
    If you wish to get WVU credit - the instructions are below.  Registration with WVU must occur by June 22nd. Cost will be $213. 
    The first day will be all Google Certified Trainer - led. Lots of Tips, Tricks, Integration, Ideas! 
    Due to the timeline, attendance is required on all 4 days - and all assignments must be completed on time. 

The following link is to sign up for the class with Monongalia County:


If you are signing up for WVU credit - you will also need to complete WVU registration.  That information is below.

Directions for Registering with WVU:

Professional Development (Graduate) courses:
***Please note: Courses are graded Pass/Fail. These courses do not count towards any degrees at WVU.

To register:
Download a professional development application/registration form at:

Complete the form and mail or fax it to the address on the form.

Add the course information provided regarding class.
CRN: 51660

Subject: IDT

Course #: 930
Section #: 6AD

Credit Hours: 3
Title: PRDV: Google Chromebooks Camp



New Payment Procedure for 2016-17

Payments will now be made online, please do not submit payment with your form!

 Applications will be submitted to our office by the third class meeting.  Upon receipt of the application, we will process the admission and register the students.  We will then email the student directions for accessing their account and making payment online. 

Dropping the Course

Withdrawal and refund dates follow the WVU Calendar.  Course must be dropped prior to the course start date in the system.


The cost of a three credit hour course is $213.  A student cannot request a transcript until their account is paid in full.

Educational Tax Credit

WVU Online & Extended Campus professional development students whose tuition is waived based upon a third-party delivery/sponsorship of their course will not be assessed University Tuition on their student account.  Students will only be assessed University Fees which serves as a processing fee.  Processing fees are not considered a qualified educational expense and will therefore not be reported on a Form 1098-T for income tax credit purposes.