Pic: chromebook

Chromebooks are out and about!

Chromebooks are now either already coming home or will be shortly!

While they are school-owned devices, we want to make sure that as much as possible, bad things are blocked for them.  As a result, we have a program that filters what they are doing while on the Chromebook!

While it's a program that is catching a ton of bad things and blocking them, NOTHING is 100% block-able!

This is where teachers and parents have to express to students what is permissible and what is not.  What they can post and what they shouldn't post.

We have the ability to see what they are searching for, sites they are visiting, videos they are watching and some social media posting and at what time of the day!!


Parents - feel free to cover the camera with a sticker or a small piece of tape.  We do not have the ability to get into the Chromebook and turn on the camera.  However, a small piece of tape/sticker over the camera is something that everyone, including teachers, should do.

If you have questions, please contact the TIS at your child's school.

 Rolling out a computer device to students in Monongalia County has been a process that started several years ago.  Everyone has been working towards the goal that will take us to a 1 to 1 program in grades 3-12.

What is a Chromebook?
It's a laptop that uses Google Chrome as its 'operating system'.  It has a full keyboard and screen like a laptop.  There is some storage on the physical machine - but the majority is stored in the cloud.

A Chromebook is a tool that will help students and teachers to meet instructional goals that are necessary to prepare students for the work force that they will be entering!

Why Chromebooks?
~Options.  Chromebooks allow students and teachers to have options.  The best of many worlds.  If they want to work in a Windows environment - log onto virtual desktop.  There are many apps, extensions and add-ons to the Chromebook operating system that will enhance the device.
~Battery life - 8+ hours!
~Maintenance - easy to re-image and fast!
~Cost - much cheaper than regular laptops
~Speed - almost no wait time for it to come on!  Faster in general!

No Internet - No Problem!
Students can download and save to their physical device and work offline.  Things they can download include videos, PDF's, Google Docs, Spreadsheets.  Then when students come back to school - everything will sync back up.

What kind are students getting?
Students are getting an HP G5, 11.6 inch Chromebook,  a carrying case with handles and a shoulder strap, and 1 (one) charger.

How long will I have it?
Students will be assigned a Chromebook based on serial number of the device.  This device will stay with them as long as they are at that particular school.  So, a 3rd grader will keep the same device for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade. 
Chromebooks will be turned in before the summer break.  They will be returned the student at the start of the next school year.

Can I make it personal?
Yes you can - within appropriate guidelines.  You will be able to customize your wallpaper as long as it is appropriate for school.  You may add stickers to the outside - with the exception of covering the school sticker. 

Will it have anything on it?
You will get a single sticker with school info, your name and "if found call #" on it that will go on the Chromebook itself and must not be covered.

Will I be able to take it home?
Yes, eventually.  Some schools will allow students to take them home sooner than others.  For instance, middle and high schools will be taking them home much sooner than elementary students.  Each school will determine their roll-out and go home schedule.
~Once devices start going home - they MUST be brought back to school each day fully charged.
~Chargers may stay at home and should not be brought to school.

What if I forget to charge or was not able to charge my device at home?
Each school will have charging stations that students will be able to utilize.  And while their device is charging there are regular desktops and windows laptops that they can use.  

What if I break the screen?
We are asking parents to pay an insurance fee to cover accidental damage.  This year, 2016-2017, $10 - make check payable to your child's school and it is nonrefundable.  Next year, we will ask for $20.  This will not cover damages that were negligent or intentional.  More information will be coming home.

What if I lose the Chromebook?
Report it to your homeroom teacher or your technology teacher as soon as you do.  It's very important that we can take steps to make sure the Chromebook cannot be picked up by anyone and they keep it and use it.