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Elementary - AM Bus Schedules



Bus 238 - Dellsow, Pioneer Rocks, Earl Core Rd., East Gate

Bus 258 - Earl Core United Bank, Wolfe Run, Dug Hill, Pleasant Rd. Brookhaven Rd.

Bus 262 - Earl Core Rd. Finish Line, Summers Ridge, East Gate, Brookhaven Rd. Twin Pines

Bus 270 - Listravia Ave. Sabraton Ave., Morningside Dr., Eighth Ave.

Bus 271 - Beulah Rd., Pixler Hill Rd.

Bus 277 - Sandbank Rd., Nicholson Loop, Mountain Ridge Rd.

Bus 278 - Summer School Rd. - Above Nicholson Loop

Cheat Lake

Bus  215  Easton Mill Rd,, Rolling Hills, Pierpont Meadows, Cheat Crossing                         

Bus  257  Fairchance Rd.,Burger King, Sand Springs Rd., Bruce Sliger Rd., Morgan Run Rd.

Bus 261  Sunset Beach, Morgan Hill Rd., Skyview Apts., Lakeview Manor

Bus 276  Four Seasons, Pounds Hollow, Tryone Avery Rd. Lamplighter

Bus 282  South Pierpont, Harner Run Gravel Lot, Fields Park, Imperial View

Bus 287  Cheat Lake Burger King, Fairchance Rd, Goodwin Hill Rd., Stone Path

Bus 289  Tyrone Rd, Mayfield Rd., Western Electric Dr, Cable Lane, Rockley Rd

Bus 291  Tyrone Avery Rd, Foxwood, Avery Knoll, Shilo Drive, Sun Valley Town Homes

Bus 306  Snake Hill Rd, Mayfield Rd.

Bus 316  Cheat Road, Cherrywood, Rolling Hills, Purple Cow, Deerwood



          Bus 215  Easton MIll Road Turnaround, Rolling Hills, Whpkey Lane, Amplify, Chet Crossing

          Bus 228  Lancaster Apts., Grapevine Village, Pleasant Day Care, Woodland Pre-K

          Bus 235  Woodland Terrace, Jerome Park, Richwood Ave., Charles Ave.

          Bus 284  Marion Meadows, Mason Ridge, Lakeside Estates, Austin Way, Canyon MHP

          Bus 290  Charles St., Richwood/Miller, Des Moines Ave.

          Bus 294  Place Of Grace, Canyon Rd, Country Squire, Skyline Estates, Cobra Shop

          Bus 299  Beechurst Ave., Willey St. VFW, Willey St. Mileground, MPE Rentals

          Bus 308  Stewartstown Rd., Camp Run, Point Marion Rd., Fairfield Manor, WVU Farms




Mason Dixon

Bus 234  Dave Jones Rd., Daybrook Rd., Blacksville Hill

Bus 242  Buckeye Rd., Lapoe Trailer Park, Dunkard Valley, Blacks Run Rt. 7

Bus 245  Range Rd., Wadestown Rd., Crossroads, Mason Dixon Hwy.

Bus 246  Jakes Run., Mooresville Rd., Long Drain, Pentress, Rt. 7

Bus 247  Happy La., Blue Goose Rd., Miricle Run

Bus 292  St. Leo, Hunting Hills, Russel Run, Wana

Bus 293  Jakes Run Road

Bus 301  Pedlar Run, Little Indian Creek, Mason Dixon Hwy.

Bus 321  Conner School Rd., Upper Days Run, Days Run Rd.

Bus 324  White Creek, Brave




Bus 233  Brockway Ave., Powell Ave., Vandalia Ave., South Hills

Bus 237  Cobun Creek, Aarons Creek, Lower Aarons Creek, Greenbag Rd.

Bus 241  Kingwood Pike, Summer School Rd., Cobun Valley La.

Bus 259  Smithtown Rd., Ashton Estates

Bus 284  Simpson/Wagner, Dorsey Ave.

Bus 286  Harvest Ridge, Scott Ave., Greenbag Rd., Bluegrass Village

Bus 290  Marjorie Gardens

Bus 299  Bartlett House, Grand St., Ross St.

Bus 305  S. High St., Hite St., Madigan Ave., Dorsey Ave.

Bus 317  Mountainview School Rd., Pond Rd.

Bus 325  Smithtown Rd., Opkiska Ridge Rd.

Bus 332  Willey St. VFW, Overdale St., Cobun Ave., Dorsey Ave.

Mylan Park

Bus 235  The Shack

Bus 264  Bowlby Rd., Bethel Rd., Scotts Run, Bertha Hill

Bus 269  Meadow Ponds, New Hill, Cassville Mt. Morris Rd., Walnut Hill, Shriver Mine Rd.

Bus 279  Little Indian Creek, Fairmont Rd., Sugar Grove Rd., Gallus Rd.

Bus 296  Holland Ave., Dougs Towing, Granmas Kitchen, Graville Fire Dept., Post Office

Bus 298  Blue Horizon, Arena Rd., Vances, McGinnis MHP, Guston Run, Wades Run

Bus 307  Fort Martin Road, Starz

Bus 315  Lazzelle Union Rd., Lazzelle School Rd., Blue Horizon

Bus 323  River Road Lowesville, Fairmont Rd., Hidden Valley

Bus 326  Hagans Area, Fairmont Rd.


Bus 223  Suncrest Town Homes, Chestnut Ridge Rd., Old Colony Apts.

Bus 265  VanVoorhis Rd., Alexander Dr., Mountaineer MHP, Bakers Landing, Wedgewood

Bus 267  Patterson Drive Burger King, Glen Abby, West Run, Riddle Ave. 

Bus 280  Star City Golden Corral, Saratoga Ave, Krepps Park, University Ave, Wow Factory

Bus 281  Independence Hills, Riddle Ave, West Run Apts,  Stewartstown Road, Glenmark, Bon Vista

Bus 288  Bakers Ridge Rd., Scenery Dr., Poplar Dr., St. Clairs Village

Bus 295  Grey Cliff, Brettwald, Churchhill Village

Bus 297  Chestnut Ridge Apts., Willowdale Apts., Adventrue Time Daycare

Bus 310  Suncrest UMC, Old Suncrest Primary

Bus 314  Pineview Drive, Hickory/Perry, Cottonwood/Winona/Briarwood,Headlee

Bus 336  Killarny and Colonial


Bus 263  Hornbeck Rd., Harvest Ridge, Hawthorne Village, Grafton Rd.

Bus 268  Grafton Rd, Keeners Store, Gum Springs, Kelly Rd., Boy Scout Rd.

Bus 300  Hallack Rd., Summers Church Rd, Toms Run, Thistledown

Bus 309  Taylor County Line, Grafton Rd., Sawmill Rd., Hallack Rd., Brewer Rd.

Bus 343  Ridgedale Rd., Owl Creek Rd. 4-H Camp Rd. Sweetwater La.



Bus 248  Tower La., West Park Ave., Holland Ave., Circle K, Paula's

Bus 249  Lowesville Train Tracks, National School, National Church

Bus 285  Smith Funeral Home, Dougs Towing, Granville Fire Dept., City Maint.

Bus 294  Joe Simons Ins., Dunkard & Seneca, Blean Flooring, Fairmont & Race

Bus 311  Fairmor Dr., Dents Run Church, Westover Post Office, Fairmont Rd.

Bus 318  Donnies Citgo, Fairmont Rd., Pleasant Hills, Kinder Haus, Westover PD

Suncrest Elementary

Bus 218  Vanvoohis Rd., Killarney/Eastern

Bus 239  Krepps St., Collins Ferry Rd

Bus 240  University Ave., Stewartstown Rd., Center St., Willowdale Rd., Burroughs, Timberline

Bus 266  Chestnut Ridge, Toy's n Tots, Pineview Plaza, Killarney, Aspen, Western, Lawnview

Bus 280  Star City CVS, Saratoga, Krepps Day Care, University Commons, University Ave.

Bus 310  Suncrest UMC, Old Suncrest Elementary

Bus 336  Saratoga Ave., Congress Ave., Morning Star Apts